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​What We Do

Colonel Robert Overton’s Regiment of Foote are a re-enactment group based in the UK, representing a Parliamentarian New Model Army infantry regiment of the 17th-century British Civil Wars. We portray both military and civilian life of the era.

Our members of come from all walks of life and while we do have strong ties to Newark and our friends at the National Civil War Centre and Newark Castle, members are based all over the country.

Overton's are part of the English Civil War Society, which is made up of dozens of similar regiments. Several times a year we get together to stage displays for the public.  These events include one-day or weekend displays which are organised by Overton's, these are often drill displays, ‘living history’ encampments, or skirmishes - or a combination of some or all of the above. Then there are the massive battles over a whole weekend (often Bank Holidays), with hundreds of English Civil War Society re-enactors taking part. 

Living History

At our living history encampments, you can get a sense what everyday life was like for civilians and soldiers alike. Food is prepared and eaten, games are played, crafts are carried out – such as our very own blacksmith and forge – and much more besides, all intended to give all the family a hands-on experience of history that you can’t get from a book or film.

Newark Castle Living History Pikes and Plunder Overtons.jpg
Overtons Regiment Living History Blacksmith Oakwell Hall.jpg

Drill Displays

At Drill Displays, our Musketeers, Pikemen, Drummers and Officers go through the intricacies of the drill of the day, whether showing how Pikemen protected the rest of the Regiment against charging Cavalry, or how quickly the Musketeers were able to load and fire; how the Drummers communicate an Officer's instructions over the noise of battle or how the Ensigns use the Colours (the flag) to maintain the morale of the soldiers. 

Overtons Regiment Drummers.jpg
Overtons Regiment Drill Display Newark Market Place.jpg

Battle Re-enactments

The battles aim to give a small insight into what battles of the British Civil Wars were like between the Royalists and Parliamentarians – with the beat of the drums, the fire of the muskets and artillery, and the clash of pikes as the air fills with gunpowder smoke. It’s a spectacle not to be missed

When we’re at an overnight event but not taking part in displays or battles, we usually stay in camp - with a barbeque and some drinks to relax from a hard day’s fighting and get our strength back for the next battle or display!

Overtons Regiment Social Family Barbecue Open Fire BBQ.jpg

If you're interested in joining us then you can read here to find out more!

If you wish to enquire about hiring us, then please contact Stephen Foster - details can be found under the Contact Us section.

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